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Massage for total relaxation….

Massage for total relaxation … unforgettable moments!

First of all, three keywords about erotic massage: intimacy, sensuality and gentle touches. Privacy and fine touches are well known terms but we forget about sensuality and its true meaning.
Sensuality simply means to “feel with all your senses.”
The erotic massage is a celebration of sensuality, is a unique experience of giving and receiving, the “journey into another dimension.”

Erotic massage is perceived as a form of therapy.

The erotic massage is a dance with imagination and also a dance of hands.

As a massage therapist I say that  imagination plays an important role in any massage session.

Imagination is an innate feature that any gifted massage giver should have.
One of the unique advantages of this form of therapy is that massage is as pleasing to the one who makes it and to the one who receives.
We are expected to know, because we help you feel pampered with a full massage session in Timisoara.

The range of services includes: relaxation massage, body massage, erotic massage, erotic body double, tantric massage, aromatic massage, sensual massage, massage anti-stress, thai massage, prostate massage, anal massage, tantra massage, testicles massage and other types of massage now only for you, in Timisoara.
Besides relaxation and wellbeeing that it gives you a classic massage, a massage session can provide full relaxation to the muscles of the pelvis and intense pleasure!

That’s why we recommend you start to know better our services…

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