Prostate massage

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The prostate massage releases a considerable load of emotional and physical stress. Accompanied by stimulation of the penis, prostate massage can be extremely pleasant and healing for a man. Since most direct way to point sacral mass is through the anus, it needs a certain amount of time to prepare this procedure. Not every man can undergo this ritual that bring pleasure instead of a high-intensity and many health benefits over.
The prostate is the gland that surrounds the first male sexual centimeters of the urethra (prostatic urethra), located under the bladder neck, right in front of the rectum. The prostate is shaped like a chestnut and weighs 15-20 grame.Prostata integrates into a real system that produce sperm with the necessary qualities to reproduce the species. It is very important for men. Through its secretions “flavor” of sperm.

Prostate massage therapy has been widely used in the past and begin to be used again in some centers because drug therapy is not always crowned by succes.The Orientals, which means making love and being wisely on earth, Prostate deals, like other parts of the body. They recommend massaging the prostate. By introducing a finger into the anus, in a manner perfectly protected and non traumatic. This process is repeated 2-3 times per week.The massage has the effect of unlocking the prostatic ducts and improves blood circulation. After at least 10 sessions of massage, you can see the results in the physical plane.
Finally I want to share a secret: “healthy muscles do not hurt when he massaged”

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