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Our team is made up of young girls with higher education in the medical and biology field.

The masseuses are beautiful, presentable, skillful and with a lot of experience in the medical area.
We have 3 types of premium massage at which our masseuses experience is well known.

I am talking about tantra massage, testicles massage and prostatic -anal massage.
The masseuses are also known by their agreeable physics. It is worthy to appreciate that besides the fact that they are masters in the art of massage are also observed by the fact that  she speak fluently some foreign languages: English, Italian, French, Russian.

Driven by experience

We can offer a wide variety of massages.

Discretion  is our policy.

Feel free to call us at this phone number: 0724474501

or feel free to send me a booking email at this email:

Fees depending on the duration and type of massage.

As a courtesy I charge an additional 1 euro for every minute in delay.

Flexible schedule depending on appointments.

Thanks in advance