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Similar to other types of massage, bamboo massage has a number of physical and mental effects. First of all, the massage produces a feeling of well-being, deep relaxation, a release from everyday stress and an alleviation of muscle pain. It will sound good, right?

Along with a general state of well-being, massage with bamboo sticks has several specific effects on human health. The particular, medically recognized effects of bamboo massage are:

– stimulation of blood circulation

-relief of joint pain, especially in the neck and shoulders

-acceleration of cellular activity, in order to repair and nourish the skin, in other words anti-ageing, or anti-aging effect

-increasing muscle and joint flexibility and implicitly increasing muscle and joint relaxation

-increasing the tone of the nervous system and sensory nerve perception

– helps to lose weight, etc.

Appointments at the phone number: +40724 474 501

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