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Prostate massage is a way to clear fluids from prostatic ducts. This therapy offers benefits to men’s health. The urologist uses this type of massage to diagnose a prostate inflammation, prostatitis or other urological conditions. Prostate-specific medical analyzes are used along with prostate massage to ease the diagnosis of a patient as healthy or suspected of a genital disorder.
The prostate is a small ball of a golf ball located between the base of the penis and the rectum. Its main function is to produce semen, called sperm, and to help sperm survive and travel through canals until meeting the viable ovum.
The risk of selfmassage. Some men choose to do their own massage for medical reasons or for sexual pleasure. There is a chance to get hurt because it is done through harsh and inadvertent moves. If you need a prostate massage for medical reasons, it is best to call a specialist, masseuse is the person able to offer you a well-done massage.

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