Hawaiian conscious Lomi Lomi massage

It all started playing with the idea of a friend.He said to me: Let’s see something special.Consciously massage,originated from Hawai.I have been to a lomi lomi massage session,being in a conscious state of mind and I felt on my own the healing effects.Then I followed aspecialization course and here I am……..Lomi lomi massage right here in Timisoara only from a phone call away.
Many of us are right now dreaming staying along on a beach, under a Palm tree and receiving a lomi lomi massage.

It’s better that before giving someone a massage, to practice massage movements on yourself. Thus you will gain a better self-knowledge about sensitivity and you will you know how to touch, what kind of pressure to apply when you massage.

I believe you will love this kind of massage: Testicular massage Timisoara

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