The eroticism and the massage

Does the 21st century will be an erotic century?
For many of us eroticism it’s a taboo topic. I’m determined to break the ice.

Bye the way, do you know  where does the word “eroticism” come from?

It comes from the word “eros”. But who was eros?
Eros, in Greek mythology is the god of love. Eros is the “fruit of love” between Hermes (also called Ares or Zeus) and the goddess Aphrodite. Eros is a brother with Anteros. Eros took the look of a beautiful, winged child who was hiding a powerful god. Because with his arrows he sang and resembled the pains and desires of love, both among the gods and among the mortals. Eros appears in many mythological stories but I think the most famous is the love between Eros and Psyche.
In Roman mythology, Eros was called Amor or Cupid.

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