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In case you didn’t know, the prostate gland is a walnut sized gland located just under the bladder.
The male sexual prostate gland surrounds the first inch of the urethra (prostate urethra), located under the bladder neck, in front of the rectum. The prostate is shaped like a walnut and weights 15 to 20 grams.The prostate is  integrated into a real system that produces semen, the materials necessary to reproduce the species.This  is very important for men.

The prostate gland has a mystique quite unique as compared to the other parts of the male body. Ancient indian texts refer to this gland as the ‘sacred spot’ the centre of a man’s emotions and sexuality; containing deep feelings of acceptance, nurturing and masculinity.

Prostate massage cannot only be novel but also adds excitement to your lovemaking as most men are not used to a sexually submissive role, and one which involves trust and intimacy can really add to the excitement. Also removing any need to perform, this massage can also be a great way for him to just sit back and enjoy!

Prostate massage  release considerable loads of  emotional and physical stress. Accompanied by stimulation of the penis, prostate massage can be extremely pleasurable and healing to a man. Since the most direct route to the sacral mass point is through the anus, some time is needed  to prepare this procedure. Not every man can undergo this sexual ritual, which brings  pleasure as well as many benefits to strength and health.

Prostate massage techniques can be a great way to give pleasure and intimacy to a man. Prostate massage is a therapy that was widely used in the past and began  to be used  again  in some centers because drug therapy is not always successful.

The Orientals for  which making love is theembodiment of wisdom they consider prostate massage to have a great importance. They recommend prostate massage by  inserting a finger into the anus, in a perfect manner  being  atraumatic  and  protected. This procedure is repeated 2-3 times weekly..The massage has the effect of unlocking the prostate and improves blood circulation channels.  After at least 10 sessions of massage you  can see the effects on the physical plane.Prostate massage techniques can be a great way to give pleasure and intimacy to a man.

Prostate massage can be very powerful and healing. There are many nerve endings around the anus that can be very pleasurable. But many men have constantly tight muscles in this area. We need caring  to relax these muscles. Also some of us have concerns about anal touch because culturally it’s considered dirty or taboo. Others may have had trauma from a previous bad experience.

I do all prostate  touch following a strict hygienic protocol. I use exam gloves  to ensure lotion or lube is not shared between clients.

The actual technique is an intuitive process that is different for each person. I do prostate massage along with traditional therapeutic massage to help relax your body. Slow and gentle is the best way to experience anal touch. Your body tells me a lot about how slow and gentle to be.

At the end  I wish to share a secret with you my dearest massage lovers: „Healthy muscles don’t hurt when you massage them”

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