Sensual massage


Sensuality is a word whose true meaning, nowadays we’ve forgotten.

Sensuality means simply aware of our senses. We live through the mind senses and we tend to rely more on sight. We form judgments, opinions and conclusions on how they see things, without taking into account other senses: smell, hearing, touch, taste. Exploring the sense of touch through sensual massage, we will develop and will discover the pleasures of the body, mind leaving in the background. In this way we know our deepest needs and body.

Regardless of age, all we need massage touches. Are sentient beings, even if often not seen or hide.
Some people consider massage a luxury and only turn to him in times of need. But given the pressures created by modern society, massage therapy should become part of everyday life. In addition massage therapy is considered a valuable component of preventive medicine.

Sensual massage is an intimate art  that has been practiced  for thousand of years.The sensual massage is made by using slow touches in the high potential erotic spots,strokes that makes you feel that you are in heaven.First of all the sensual massage has an relaxing part in the begining of the massage session followed by  sensual soft touches that will expand your senses to the physical and spiritual level.

Sensual massage is done by light touch in the erogenous zones,caresses that give you chills and make you float.
Sensual massage of the entire body includes a first relaxing part continued with sensual touches that will expand the physical and spiritual senses.During the sensual massage masseuse uses her hands and body, fine lingerie, scented oils and everything that’s sensuality and femininity.

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