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Massage for total relaxation … unforgettable moments!


If the title of erotic massage excited you, let’s get down to business! First of all, three key words about erotic massage: ambient, patience and touch. And a small definition of erotic massage “by the book”, to know what we’re talking about: using traditional massage for sexual purposes (arousal, libido, pleasure in general) is called erotic massage.

One of the unique advantages of this form of therapy is that massage is as pleasing to the one who makes it and the one who receives.

We are waiting for you to discover places where you can enjoy a full massage session in our beautiful town Timisoara in Romania country. The range of services include relaxation massage, body massage, erotic massage, erotic body massage, tantric massage, aromatic massage, sensual massage, stress massage, thai massage, prostate massage, anal massage and other massages now just for you in Timisoara city and Romania also.

Besides relaxation and wellbeeing that it gives you a classic massage, a massage session can provide full relaxation to the muscles of the pelvis and intense pleasure! That is why we recommend you start to know better our services… For unique experiences … contact us!