Tantra massage

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Masaj tantric Timisoara /Masaj erotic Timisoara


First of all I wish to focus on energy in Tantra massage.We are with working yin and yang energy. One goes through a state of relaxation, while the other is stimulated.
More exactly a tantra massage includes both yin relaxing energies and yang stimulating energies.
The masseuse who knows the Tantra massage combine the two states of relaxation and stimulation like a symphony.

Massage as an art of touching invites you to step into a inner calmness state, while you are carefully guided .
Tantra massage is an oriental massage.The sanscrit word for male genital organ is “Lingam” and it might have the meaning of ” Light Rod”.In tantric massage Lingam is honored and respected as a real “Light Rod”, that concentrate the whole man energy and pleasure.
The purpose of the tantric massage is to create an ambiance in wich the man will feel confortable, relaxed and able to receive the pleasure for his Lingam. The tantric massage is an excellent way to built trust and intimacy between massage parteners.
The ORGASM is not the main goal but it is a nice SIDE EFFECT of tantric massage.The target is to massage the penis, testicles and G point and to conceal unknown pleasures for the man.
For this aim man need to learn how to relax and how to be a good receiver.
First of all take a hot bath or shower. Take your time and breathe deeply. A conscious and relaxed breathing, will provide you a mental process and will make contact with your feelings. Relax your stomach and releases the tension that most keep one there. Go to the bathroom before the massage begins. Best results are obtained when the bladder and intestines are empty. Banish your thoughts and connect emotionally with your partner through hugs and by looks, trying to get into a state of relaxation and confidence.
We need a quiet place with nice music, candles, pillows or anything that is needed for participants to feel relaxed and the effects of tantric massage will be fully disclosed.
Lingam Massage
For this the masseuse use a variation of different oils and starts gently and slowly massaging the testicles, then she will work her way up and around the perineum then back to the lingam varying her speed and pressure. She may use many different techniques whilst doing this massage to heighten the pleasure but the aim is not to ejaculate too quickly. To ensure this does not happen, the man needs to run through some basic ejaculation control methods to prevent any accidents too soon, this also ensures that the orgasm reaches a much higher level of intensity.
I can conclude that “Touches are worth a thousand words”.

Enjoy it.

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