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Relaxation Massage in TIMISOARA

“Heaven on earth is a choice you have to do, not a place you need to find him.” W. Dyer

▪ Relaxation massage in Timisoara

Relaxation massage is a general massage the body, which aims to rapid elimination of fatigue, muscle relaxation and generating a good general condition. Another positive effect is improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation. In general relaxation massage has a strong anti-stress effect.

The relaxation massage can achieve a more rapid elimination of toxins.

Relaxation massage is usually done with oils or scented creams that stimulate the well.
Relaxation massage is the best way to get loads after a busy day.
Relaxation massage is recommended for all persons regardless of age: newborns, infants, children, adolescents, and not least in adults.

Relaxing massage can be carried throughout the body, called the total relaxation massage or a specific area of ​​the body, as the partial relaxation massage and he is entitled main aim general relaxation and elimination of fatigue. Relaxation massage maneuvers should be done with slow, low intensity. Also, any relaxation massage has stronger effects if associated with music therapy and aromatherapy items.

Specific maneuvers and techniques used in relaxation massage accelerate blood circulation that result from each level or organ.

The main effects of relaxation massage:

»State of vitality and energizing
»Improves blood and lymph circulation
»Help eliminate toxins from the body
»Relaxes muscles
»Eliminate tiredness
»Increase skin elasticity, powerful greenhouse antiageing
»Maintain good health
»Help regenerate the tissue

Relaxation massage is recommended to do at least once a week and aims at maintaining the body in a perfect functionality.

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